This week the highly anticipated Abandoned Brisbane documentary dropped on Needle.tv.

Featuring the face of the local vigilante Queen herself, the 19 minute short-film introduces Bianca, the (former) anonymous leader of Brisbane's abandoned aristocracy. 

The doco' presents a snippet of Bianca's unique and remarkable findings as she explores the 'pip holes into the past' among the uninhibited, abandoned locations of Brisbane.

Touching on a number her personal experiences and discoveries throughout abandoned homes and buildings,

 the documentary displays the honest and quirky nature of Bianca's urbex interest while also touching on the thrill of the sport and the fun in forbidden finds.

Huge props the filmmaker, Alex for his commitment to the project. After breaking a rib and being charged with unregulated high-risk activity while filming on site, we were starting to get a little worried!

Definitely worth a watch, the Abandoned Brisbane Documentary offers an unexpected journey through closed doors.

Words: Sarah Hazlehurst

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