After looking at all Z-Flex has ever done, it will be interesting to see what they bring to 2014.  

As skate culture continues to thrive in street sport and fashion, so to does its undeniable industry leader and long-standing brand frontrunner, Z-Flex.  

Globally recognised for their product innovation, particularly being one of the first brands to bring a fiberglass board to market , Z-Flex products have remained relevant and commonly sought after since their fast track to popularity in the early 70s. 

Z-Flex first developed their reputation as one of the pioneers of the industry in 1976 with a skate team straight out of Dogtown with now universally renowned riders such as Jay Adams, Tony Alva, Jimmy Plummer, Shogo Kubo and Marty Grimes.




From there the Z-trend spread quickly across the world leaving Aussie’ riders very eager to keep up.

ABC clip of Australian skaters in 1976:


With a number of fresh releases debuting for 2014, Z-Flex is (as always) boasting new ideas and innovations keeping them ahead of the pack. 

After looking at their impressive progression in the skate scene tailing the high-end reputation Z-Flex has withheld over the years, we’re looking forward to experiencing what their 2014 products have in store.

Check out the Z-Flex website, www.zflex.com, for further details.


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