How would your describe We Buy Your Kids in one sentence? 
We’re seconds from disaster.

What’s the average Sonny Day schedule like?
For the last few weeks it’s been wake up, check emails and such draw and paint ‘til about 3am, then a good solid hour of Call of Duty AW and repeat. Oh and there’s also a trip to the shops to buy cat food and Haribo Goldbears.

Who’s the most interesting client you’ve ever worked with and why?
That’s kinda’ hard, but since you asked…we just did some concept art for a movie, that’s been pretty cool. Otherwise the work we do for Mondo is always interesting. It’s a challenge to make a poster for a film that sometimes has an established visual presence.

Describe your home:
It’s organised chaos. We are both hoarders. We’re going have a giant cleanse over the New Year and I can’t wait. We’ll be turning 15 years of Thrasher magazines into a giant bonfire that can be seen from space!

Tell us a bit about your upcoming exhibition ‘Pink Fist’?
Pink Fist is a collection of paintings that have slowly come together

 from drawings I’ve done throughout the year. The works are about sex, death and music. Overall it’s about letting go and not being afraid of the chance of random disintegration by higher powers.

Can you give us a brief overview of the art in the exhibition and how it differs from your usual work with W$YK?
Well, it’s all me this time. When Biddy and I show as W$YK, it’s a good chance for us to experiment and the exhibitions are a good segue into where we will take our work in the future.

There is a little bit of that in this show, but mainly I wanted to finish off some work that was bugging me.

All of the works are on paper. Working on paper is something I just can’t let go of. Also this body of work is about removing things. There’s a lot of space around the images.

Make sure you catch Sonny Day this Thursday, November 20th from 6-9pm at Lamington Drive in Collingwood, Melbourne for the opening of ‘Pink Fist’.

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