Uppercut Deluxe


When it comes to surfing, skating and impeccably groomed hair, our home-grown Aussie brand, Uppercut Deluxe have a robust and recognisable reputation when it comes to style and all hair encompassing trends.

Inspired by the timeless, traditional barbershop style, Uppercut Deluxe delivers a ‘no frills’ approach to men's hair care, offering trusted and quality products without all the fancy, unnecessary embellishments of salon brands.

Their hair care products in association with their notably creative branding and strong involvement/association with street culture has lead Uppercut to acclaim a global reputation as one of the fittest, finest and most fashionable male grooming lines on the market. 

 Born through a frustration of settling for mediocre products that were more suited to men's wives rather than the men themselves, Uppercut creator’s Luke Newman and Steve Purcell formulated a new product to suit the niche market, choosing not to sell out to the confines and conformities of the mass one.

Now stocked through hundreds of stores, locally and internationally, the boys have plenty to be proud of.

Keep an eye on their blog to see what big campaigns they have in store. Stay smooth and steezy with Uppercut Deluxe this summer.  


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