When you wander around Brisbane CBD, it takes a fair amount of searching to find buildings and structures of historical significance. The beauty of our concrete jungle is scarcely skin deep as it seems our city abides by a crazy 'out with the old in with the new' concept.

As new buildings and business are popping up on every corner, the beautiful, classic and historical remains are being torn down. It's been an issue of confusion and frustration to locals for some time, but finally people are speaking out, telling the council to stand against the demolishing and development.

The news of the Brisbane City Council's approval to demolish the Margret Street Bonded stores has resulted a frenzy of petitions and community outrage, including a huge protection push from local community group, Brisbane Heritage.

 The 'Save The Bonded Stores' campaign and the huge community support following their actions has caused the environment and heritage protection MP, Andrew Powell to release a stop work order on the demolition of the Bonded Stores. Finally! Some one's taking notice! 


While the buildings, O’Reilly’s Bonded Stores, The Free Stores and Hotpoint House are not heritage-listed, O’Reillys Bonded Stores bears the sign Estd 1864, and Hotpoint House is believed to date back to 1921. It's believed the buildings are over 100 years old. How crazy to think we were a few weeks away from demolishing these local legacies to create space for a temporary car park … absolute, utter madness.

Thanks to Brisbane Heritage's petition (which received over 300 signatures over night), the matter has now been referred to the Heritage Council.

Now they're calling out for community support once more to sign a new petition aimed at the Queensland Heritage Council to approve the protection of the buildings by granting their heritage status.

You can sign the petition online now, all it takes is your name and email address. You can also make a personal submission here.


It’s takes under one minute to make a massive change.

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