A teenage, heavily eyelinered Joan Jett mischievously flipping someone off; a leering Steve Jones grabbing his crotch in an LA apartment building pool shortly after the break up of the Sex Pistols; the usually reclusive Dylan, posing gamely in the dressing room of the Roxy on the Sunset Strip: the photographer  Brad Elterman not only hung out with all the coolest people in West Coast rock n’ roll in the late 1970s and early 80s; he also knew how to take their picture in such a way that would capture that moment’s precise essence. For nearly three decades, Elterman gave up photography, and stowed away the iconic photos he took during that era. Luckily for us, over the past several years, Elterman has begun to exhibit these pictures in art venues, in print and online, and, aided by their newfound popularity on his Tumblr, has even returned to photography, drawn by contemporary pop culture and the encouragement of his internet fans.

In his latest project a zine called 'Friends' designed by British designer Jamie Allen Shaw, you can see Brad's eclectic mix of friends including the legendary producer of The Runaways Kim Fowley, Sandy Kim, Olivier Zahm, Ryan McGinley, Daido, Kelly Cunningham, Marius Troy and Kris Kidd.

'Muses’ Elterman's first zine designed by Pauline Woo is a collection of girls who give him inspiration all photographed in Southern California. The players include Dora, Chelsea, Kristen, Nettie and Leila to name a few. We showcase more of Elterman's work in the next issue of No Cure magazine and his stories so stay tuned.

You can grab yourself a copy of these nostalgic zines and Elterman’s shop via the link underneath for only $10. Buy now (only 100 copies available).

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