It’s not often that street art receives a positive plug in the media, let alone a push for funding, but the Stencil Art Prize has once again proven opportunities for artists aren’t yet extinct, despite rigorous attempts by the gronks in Aussie’ government.

In its 6th year of operation, the Stencil Art Prize is now open for entries from both Australian and international artists.

The winner of this year’s comp' will receive a cash prize of $3000 (cha-ching), and will exhibit alongside 50 leading international and Australian stencil artists at Sydney’s Ambush Gallery this October. MTN Australia are also throwing in 500 hundy worth of paint/prizes, awww yee.

The important stuff:
-  Entries must be submitted via email here
-   Entry fee $25
-  Application deadline 1 August 2014
-   Artworks must be made using stencil techniques and artists must own copyright for their artwork
-   Artworks can be up to 150cm x 150cm (that’s a pretty phat stencil, yo)

Don’t be a chum, submit your stellar stencils and get your mates involved too. Think of all the amazing things you could spend that 3K on and all the vandalism that could be carried out with the 500 hundy worth of paint, jks jks. It’s the 'artistic' attributes we’re after here. We want something monumental, something groundbreaking ... something to turn heads and encourage appreciation for alternative art forms.


mark ZeidlerComment