Photography & Styling:  The Design Villa

Photography & Styling: The Design Villa

At No Cure we love giving shit away because we totally respect our readers... after all you guys keep us going by spending $11.95 each quarter... well which is fuck all really considering you probably would spend more on pissing it up, taking drugs and going to titty bars on the weekend. Well today is your chance to treat your old man this father's day September 7. If he wins this fantastic prize pack worth over $300 he can sip on a hot cupa out of a Typo mug in the sun wearing some awesome Valley Parasitos shades while reading The Man Plan book to get his life sorted. 

He then can go shower, shit and shave using his brand new old fashioned shaving cream by Triumph & Disaster. Come the evening when he finishes his Man Plan book he will probably realise he's wasted his whole life and will be totally depressed so he then can put on a Pigeon & Weasel scentacle candle while downing a whole bottle of Alacran Tequila watching the footy with his nuts hanging out.

To win simply share this pic on instagram or FB, tag us write: No Cure Fathers Day Giveaway & hashtag #nocuredaddylove Winners announced Monday September 1!

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