Image: Lyle Radford

Image: Lyle Radford

With royal-like brands such as The Academy Brand, Deus Ex Machina, Zanerobe, Lee, All About Eve, Luck & Trouble and Nixon just to name a few, Universal Store houses a plethora of tastes and designs suited to all individuals with an eye for ‘the now’ and a bent for ‘the daringly different’.  In a world so consumed by image and beauty, it’s refreshing to find a clothing store that is not so immersed in its own hype or self-importance. It welcomes its customers with open arms to enter and find that special piece to compliment their already intrinsically crafted wardrobe at home.

Based out of Brisbane in Queensland and now having expanded to 24 locations rightacross Australia, Universal Store’s legacy shines bright like a diamond within an ever-expanding galaxy of fresh-faced-youth driven idealisms and expectations. With youth comes a certain level of insight into what is fashionably current and forever classical. The retro-infused-albeit-postmodern music, the urban apparel, the vintage accessories and the insatiable collection of shoes all contribute to a fulfilling shopping experience for the apprehensive, the fussy, the bored, the alternative and the undecided.

Check out their website and blog at www.universalstore.com for all things grand and urbane.

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