Surf/Brand, or S/B as it is affectionately known, is an outlet for two surf industry veterans, Claudio Kirac and Paul Bow, to channel their vision into quality, hand-made products without the pressure of a cutthroat commercial environment. All in the name of heritage, integrity and design. 

“S/B aims to produce handcrafted, limited edition, quality goods, keeping production as local as possible for as long as possible. We know it's an idealistic view in an age of mass produced bottom lines, but if we can bring that one hard to find, limited access quality product to someone who truly appreciates it, then we are already on the way to something truly unique.”

There is no intention for global domination here, simply happy customers and good vibes for all. Being just the two of them, Claudio and Paul are able to maintain tight quality control over every aspect of S/B. It’s an iterative process with shared decision making, something the guys believe is essential to keep the brand fresh and, ultimately, fun. This is the crux of S/B’s “tongue in cheek a approach to something that is sometimes taken too seriously. We pride ourselves on our long history within the design and action sports industry. We put in the R&D, so all you have to do is have fun!”


And if any two people are fit for the job it’s these guys. Claudio has donned many hats in his fifteen-year creative career, ranging from artist, designer, photographer and consultant. While Paul has been in the business of surfboard shaping and manufacturing since the 80s, giving him a deep insight into the shapes and materials required to maximise surfing pleasure. Together their skill sets afford them the unique position they have landed themselves in today.

Their key product line is the S/B surf plane. Traditionally used by serious body surfers in tandem with fins to increase the effectiveness of their technique and giving a longer overall ride. Surf planes range in sophistication from manufactured pieces of moulded plastic to crudely made home jobs. Regardless of shape, from S/B’s perspective these devices are “continuing the evolution of one of the purest forms of wave riding.”

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You can read the full story on Surf/Brand in the latest issue of No Cure magazine ' Summer Vibes' out now in newsagents across Australia & NZ...

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