30 years of the Screaming Hand part 2

Words: Sarah Hazlehurst / All Photography: @p1xels

By now we’re sure you’re all ripe and ready for the reveal of the 30th anniversary Screaming Hand Art show arriving at Melbourne's So High Gallery this Thursday 12th November. 

The local leg of this worldwide, travelling exhibition will showcase 50 international and 30+ Australian artist’s and their impressions of the iconic Screaming Hand.

Last blog we featured the announcement of involved artists Dale Bigeni, callum Preston, Phibs, 23rd Key and Sam Octigan. 

We’re also stoked to announce an extended feature of a handful of our favourite artists included in the Melbourne show including Ben Brown, Jack Douglas, Ohnoes, Nicole Reed, Ken Taylor and Unwell Bunny.

Catch this epic three decade dedication to Screaming Hand before it smoke bombs out of town and scoots abroad to Taipei, Tokyo and the US!

Thanks to p1xels for the amazing images!

The exhibition is curated by @eddiezammit of T-world and produced by @santacruzoz and presented by @vans.

For further details head to http://sohighgallery.com/

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