TRUE GRIT: Handmade Textures & Halftones for Illustrators & Designers.

Do tones and textures really get your off? Do you seek to explore the real grit, the honest grit, and above all else, the true grit? Does that sexy reprographic technique of the halftone get your juices flowing? 

Well, how does a DIY MASTER CLASS for designers and illustrators sound? We know, we know... it's a hard offer to turn down.

Yes, you're geed up already, but keep it in your pants and regain composure, because we’ve got three FREE passes to give away and you can’t be blowin’ yo business til’ you get in on this online course. 

The True Grit e-master class/workshop/creative internet orgy is heavily focussed on creating textures and halftones using a range of analogue and digital techniques.  

Join illustrator and designer Andrew Fairclough as he schools you through creating your own custom textures and halftones by using a variety of analogue and digital processing techniques.

You'll create a poster and learn the dark art of distressing, before adding a selection of custom textures and halftones to create that sweet gritty, god-like magic that will give leave your work lookin’ hot and handcrafted to your taste.

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