Following the overwhelming response to Steen Jones’ 'Hi From Bondi' mural painted early last month, Augustinc and Authority Clothing present this excellent video featuring the live action street art process and the ground-breaking ‘from walls to tees, from street art to street wear’ element of the Authority brand. 

For anyone not yet familiar (do see our previous blogs), Authority Clothing is an independent clothing label working with artists in the street scene. They source locations and mural opportunities to offer a legal canvas for artists to paint. 

From these murals, Authority Clothing create a unique range of limited edition t-shirts by transferring the art from the street onto the threads of their apparel. 

This video displays Steen Jones’ traditional ink inspired mural with Authority Clothing as part of the artist collaboration series and it also documents Authority's delicate and practiced hand screen-printing process. This added t-shirt insight is a first for Authority Clothing and we’re definitely impressed.

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