Scott Marsh - Savoir Faire

Known to some as a vandal and others as a profound portrait artist, Sydney’s own Scott Marsh presents an impressive new body of work with his aptly named series, Savoir Faire.

Following his traditionally well received graffiti inspired techniques with a realistic photo-style expression, Marsh layers elements of impressionism with an aerosol influenced pop art pallet.

Presenting 20 new works, depicting the ever-desired female figure, Marsh mixes his acquired skill from contemporary street culture with a  classical, fine art interpretation of the female nude. Yeah, you can’t tell us you’re not interested in this series. 

If you’ve never been to an exhibition of his before, be weary the works sell out fast. You’ll be fighting the aristocratic and the artistic offenders for a sold sticker from this show. 

Catch Scottie Marsh with Savoir Faire from Monday 15th June (2pm – 4pm) until Wednesday 17th June at 7pm at Goodspace Gallery, Level 1, 115 Regent St, Chippendale. 

You can also catch him painting live this week at Sunday Walls and The Lord Gladstone also in Chippendale.

mark ZeidlerComment