New Zealand's Murderer's Bay rum is an award-winning rum, voted best aged rum by the Rum Master competition held in London (2016). Aged for 14 years in single oak casks, this rum is like no other. We showcase the branding and design by one of Wellington's leading design studio's Inject Design.

It is said there once lived a mermaid in Murderer’s Bay, a protector of its waters and those that surround it. Her guardianship, and chastity, never sat well with local sailors, who were used to plundering whatever they please.

One night, a grizzly sailor attempted to strangle the mermaid on the shores of a local spring known as the Place of the Dancing Sands. She would have perished had the water not been the clearest in land, for resting at the bottom was a dagger.

Her powerful piscine tail dragged him to the depths, where he met his sharp demise. The sailor’s body was washed out to sea, minus a keepsake the mermaid was seen cradling forevermore, a reminder to any who ever try to pollute or plunder from her true love, the spring.

Murderer’s Bay is a world-renowned rum whose distinction was sought to honour its origins in the immaculate Dancing Sands spring, and its smooth texture and sweet flavour intended as a balm for the guardian’s torment.

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