Fieldnotes Hong Kong

Fieldnotes is a meeting of the minds – one part photography and one part music. Both Nicole Reed (photographer) and Leigh Ryan (music producer) have combined their natural talents to create a documentation of Hong Kong – a city that’s crowded, futuristic, inspiring, noisy, traditional, vibrant and more. Simply put, it is a city unlike anywhere else on earth.

Words: Eddie Zammit / Photography, music and project: Nicole Reed / Leigh Ryan

Reed and Ryan are not out to rewrite a traditional tourist book – it’s not in their DNA to show off where Hong Kong’s must see, buy, eat, do, drink and watch is. Their mission is to uncover a lateral way of seeing one of the most fascinating cities in an interesting way.

For Reed, it was the layers of the city that inspired her to document Hong Kong, from its high-rise buildings to the coastal regions. For Ryan, the music exemplifies the journey itself through sound. This is their vision of Hong Kong.

The motivation of the Fieldnotes concept is about creating something analogue. In an ever-increasing technological world, it seems apt to create a tangible concept to better appreciate the music and photography without distractions – and as curated by both artists.

Look hard enough and you’ll see that their motivation is to create their own path. Turn each page and listen to the soundtrack, knowing it was not about this finished product, but rather the journey itself.

Welcome to the city of lights through the eyes and ears of Nicole Reed and Leigh Ryan.

Official book signing / Launch this Thursday 6-8pm 24 March 2016, at
Union Heights (136 Chapel Street, Windsor, Melbourne, Australia)

To hear a demo of the Fieldnotes soundtrack click here.

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