Inside 'Fresh Blood' Issue 11 Sneak Peek

Whether you like the idea or not, all creatives are running a race of some sort. Ask any of them about what they want, and most will say “success”. To many, success is the ultimate barometer, which can only be measured by personal opinion. As we head deeper into 2016, there are more artists and more opportunities than ever before. Social media platforms like Instagram have enabled a new avenue to push and promote the craft of artists, designers and illustrators globally. The race is getting faster. Competition is fierce. So make sure you’re armed with a point of difference as well. Like any race, starting strong and steady is important (‘Young Guns’), as is keeping an eye on the prize (‘Running Wild’). There is no higher accolade in the creative world than being applauded by your peers, and for those who have reached the ‘Top of the Pile’, it’s not the end yet, it’s merely the start of a new race. The race should never be against another creative – the race is against yourself. Let’s do away with tall poppy syndrome and celebrate these great creative minds. 

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mark ZeidlerComment