Praise You - 2018

Artist:  Jennifer Darr

Following incredible success as Australia’s largest female art show in 2017, Praise You is back for another year presented by UNE PIECE and Lusid Art, and proudly supporting The Butterfly Foundation, Australia’s national organisation for eating disorders and body image.

Praise You illuminates the complex subject of women’s body image, self-confidence and female support in the creative community by empowering all elements of the female form through a specially selected group of national and international female artists.

“Praise You is a homage to the women who have supported every step I’ve taken in my journey. It’s time to open up the conversation about women supporting each other’s creative and personal journeys,” says Alex Saba, Lusid Art / Praise You Curator.

Artists above from left to right: Amy Clemens / Inari

“We are passionate about fostering confidence and empowerment for women - and celebrating body positivity. I’m humbled by the generosity of the 24 talented female artists who are involved with Praise You. They have rallied behind us donating their precious time and work to contribute to much needed awareness of this cause and funds for the vital work that The Butterfly Foundation do,” says Carly Brown, UNE PIECE Founder.

“We are passionate about fostering confidence and empowerment for women - and celebrating body positivity…”

- Carly Brown, UNE PIECE Founder

Showcasing pieces across several mediums and styles, including typography, illustration, and photography and wearable art, Praise You features over 20 nationally renowned artists including, Sophia Mary Mac, Ellen Porteus, Rach Pony Gold, Sarah Mccloskey and Rachel Burke.

Artists above from left to right: Sarah McCloskey / Nicole Black

Through the sale of their donated artworks at Praise You, the artists also aim to raise much-needed funds for The Butterfly Foundation. Praise You key dates:

Opening night: Thursday, 4 October 6-9pm
Encore event: Friday 5, October 6-9pm
Final day: Saturday, 6 October 10-3pm.
VENUE: Bib n Brace Collective, 95 Commercial Rd, Teneriffe

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