‘The Craft (and Art) of Beer’ - Final show for the Bein' Narly Festival

Artist: Jase Harper

Artist: Jase Harper

When a drunken pun made a few of Glenno’s mates smile, the title, ‘Bein’ Narly’, came into fruition and one of Sydney’s most valuable art events began. What started as a group exhibition in 2016 has now become an unapologetically DIY extravaganza created with a handful of local sponsors (including us here at No Cure!). We had a chat with Glenno, the curator of this ‘thingo’, to chat all things gnarly...


Artists at the Ink Rollers show

Artists at the Ink Rollers show

N/C: Tell us a bit about yourself - The weirder the better!
GLENNO: I'm no weirder than the average person - so file that under ‘secretly’ weird. I suppose it's weird to draw for a living or make any coin from being a creative type without being part of a massive media conglomeration. I also think it's unusual that I'd spend half my days for 3 months curating events and herding cats for no money and no guarantee it won’t actually cost me to do it. I'll tell you, now that i've thought about it, I am weird... but weird is worthwhile.

What drew you to initiate the very first Bein’ Narly show? Any memorable moments go down that night?
The first Bein' Narly was a simple group show in 2016 at the awesome Alpha Gallery. We had Pterodactyl man there doing haikus at people. The Saturday saw the Reverend Kriss Hades destroy his gear and our eardrums with noise. The show had potential to become a bigger thing, bigger than just a pun or annoyance to the Sydney biennale. It has certainly proved that as we enter the last 2 shows of this bi-annual festival's nine-shows-over-two-months roster. With each year I do these things, I get to meet some great artists and surprisingly incredible friends. It's also a party and parties are good for you.

Artist: Glenno Smith - Young Henry's Green Man

Artist: Glenno Smith - Young Henry's Green Man

It’s a hard slog being the main man behind such a massive project. What has been the best bit/s of the process so far?
Just the good feelings from artists and exhibition goers. Angie from Uno Duo has documented (brilliantly) each event and these videos say it all. Sponsors and artists (apart from a few flakey types that have cost me money and sleep) have all thrown in enthusiasm and talent and made my efforts feel/seem worthwhile. One day this behemoth may pay me a wage, but this is an event that this city needs, artists deserve and is a great start of better things to come. Pat Grant's comic launch was the best art event I've ever had anything to do with - him and Fionn are creating a comic that Netflix should crawl over hot coals to commission for a series.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 11.03.19 am.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 11.05.02 am.png

Above: Artist: Ben Brown - ‘The Craft (and Art) of Beer’

There’s one final show left for Bein’ Narly this year, ‘The Craft (and Art) of Beer’. Tell us a bit about the show!
The last show is a themed show which celebrates the craft beer boom in this part of the city. Young Henrys have been a dedicated and enthusiastic sponsor and over time have been nothing less than supportive of art shows in this town. The show isn’t about that relationship as much as a love letter to beer in general. The art for this is killer - designed to be stared at through beer goggles. You are invited - Gallery 371 - Enmore Rd on Friday, April 20th until Sunday, April 22nd.

Artist: Lee McConnell -  ‘The Craft (and Art) of Beer’

Artist: Lee McConnell - ‘The Craft (and Art) of Beer’

"The last show is a themed show which celebrates the craft beer boom in this part of the city. Young Henrys have been a dedicated and enthusiastic sponsor and over time have been nothing less than supportive of art shows in this town."

- Glenno Smith

Above artists left to right: Blair Sayer / Gina Monaco / Shane Robertson

What are your grand plans for next time’s Bein’ Narly? How can artists hop on board to join in the fun?
We want to have an event/date as a deadline for creative types to shoot for. 2 years is a long time but not when it comes to organising art/artists/events so YOU ARE WARNED! - get that thing done and join this functional family. I'd like to see the event grow and become easier for myself personally to manage. I don't want to burn out nor see this event disappear so the enthusiasm of others needs to push this boat out further into stranger, more creative and intense waters. I don't enjoy seeing creative culture become generic and safe (which, in my opinion, it definitely is) because that's the way our local culture starts to stagnate. Sport, religion and politics can rot on the vine but I don't want to see music or art do that. Lazy, entitled and unoriginal artists... get your heads out of your arse and push yourself to do something excellent, and you lone-wolfish artists from some marauding art-packs....call a meeting and get drinking...take some notes...come up with a plan. Who knows, your brains may make ideas that are meaningful and strong. Organise something for 2020...get in touch - even just a vague idea will get your event considered for support and be part of the action. I don't expect a horrible spreadsheet and detailed presentation - just tell me your plan and we can hammer out the details over time. Art is for making, not taking for granted or procrastinating about. You're all gonna die so spend your time knowing this fact and leave something people can't unsee...

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