Vans Asia Custom Culture Competition is Back!


Continuing on from the success of last year, VANS is bringing back the hugely hyped Custom Culture Competition and it is once again making us wet with excitement.


How would you like to see your artwork printed on the classic Vans slip on shoe, and distributed throughout stockists across the entire Asia Pacific region? There would be hundreds of feet around the world quite literally walking a mile in YO SHOES! And that’s not even all the goods you’re in for - there’s also cash prizes and all expense paid trips to House of VANS in Asia up for grabs for the top 11 artists.


We wanna' see Australian artists really step up and put their heart and soles into these submissions, (see what we did there) so here's the run down of you need to do to give yourself a real head start in the competition. 

Here’s how you enter: 
1. Log onto the Vans Asia Custom culture competition site (CLICK HERE) and download the Vans Classic Slip On PDF shoe template
2. Either by digitally drawing, or printing the template and physically drawing - whatever you need to do, get your best mfuckin' artwork onto that shoe
3. Submit your design (you can submit multiple) via the website and see your 2D artwork transformed into a video preview of how the actual shoe will look (we’re crazy impressed about this part of the application - technology is coooool)
4. Send your crazy, customised shoe around to all of your mates via the unique link it’s attached to and get them all to vote for your design

What are you waiting for? We're almost out of idioms and there’s only a few weeks left to submit, so put your best foot forward and apply! 


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