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Inappropriate Appropriation - an exhibition presented by Stupid Krap

Prepare to get weird, as Australia's favourite art purveyors Stupid Krap, bring the work of three of the most exciting international Pop Artists to Melbourne

Artist above: Chris Cunningham

The unique exhibition entitled 'Inappropriate Appropriation', features over 50 pieces from artists Steve Seeley (United States), Jeroen Huijbregts (Netherlands), and Chris Cunningham (Ireland). Curated by Aaron Craig, the exhibition is the very first event for Versus Gallery, and promises to be the beginning of a new era of Melbourne art. 

Join us for a heavy dose of colour, vibrancy and Pop Art fun - with the tastiest of beers provided courtesy of Stone & Wood. 

Artist above: Steve Seeley / Artist below: Jeroen Huijbregts

OPENING: Thursday February 1st, 6-9pm, 1 Vere Street, Richmond.
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