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On the Wall - 'Paint The Polytechnic' project

Leading mural artists Sofles, Guido Van Helten and Reka have teamed up to transform Melbourne Polytechnic’s Prahran Campus with epic large scale murals on 3 seven storey walls.

Beginning December 2016 and produced and curated by leading street artist management agency Juddy Roller, the Paint The Polytechnic project saw world-class Australian and international street artists deepen Melbourne Polytechnic's cultural legacy of public art with many new must-see art installations.

The project was captured on video by Round3, and features aerial and close up slots of Sofles, Guido Van Helten and Reka working on their respective walls, and some amazing shots of their finished work.

“It’s great to see our educational institutes taking such a forward thinking approach to the visual regeneration of their facilities, says Shaun Hossack, curator at Juddy Roller. “Street art is quickly becoming the fastest growing art movement in Australia and by supporting works of this scale, Melbourne Polytechnic is at the forefront of the movement, helping to increase the visibility and appreciation of an art form that has been long been hidden within the city’s hidden laneways.

“I hope other institutions and organisations take notice and put their support behind future art projects that are as unique and exciting as this one.”

The project was supported by the City of Stonnington and Chapel Street Precinct.

“The uniqueness of Chapel Street is again being reflected in Melbourne Polytechnic’s massive new murals, which will only add to the streets international standing as an exciting destination." says John Lotton, President of the Chapel Street Precinct Association.

“We’re thrilled that we can continue the cultural legacy of Prahran Technical School by visually reinvigorating the campus. In showcasing some of Australia’s best street artists on incredibly big concrete canvases, we allow creativity and inspiration to be central to what we do on a creative arts campus,” said Tim Nikolsky, lecturer at Melbourne Polytechnic Prahran.

“With the extraordinary Art Silos Trail amongst other incredible projects, Juddy Roller have had a huge impact on the development of Australia’s world class street art scene. What they are doing is vitally important in communities.” he continued.

Juddy Roller’s recent projects including the Silo Art Trail, a project currently underway which will see renowned street artists transform grain silos in six small towns across Victoria, as well as Victoria’s only major street art festival—Wall to Wall festival happening in Benalla on April 7 - April 9, which is expected to draw over 4,000 people to the small town for artist demonstrations and talks, workshops, skate demos and street art tours.

“I hope other institutions and organisations take notice and put their support behind future art projects that are as unique and exciting as this one.”

-John Lotton



Words: Sarah Hazlehurst / Photography: Luke Shirlaw

Back in Wollongong for the third time, Wonderwalls festival celebrated four consecutive years of bringing cities to life with colour and creativity. Out with the boring, blank brick canvases of the city scape, and in with embracing creative culture, the celebrated graffiti and street artists of Wonderwalls festival showcase an appreciated approach to public art and large scale muralism.

With local, national and international artists flocking to the tiny town from October 2-4, the city hosted a few expected favourites including local Wollongong favourite Bafcat, Straya’s graffiti superman Sofles, as well as international legends including Spain’s Felipe Pantone, Amsterdam’s Amok and New Zealand brother duo, BMD.

Other stand outs from the festival included Brisbane’s own Guido Van Helten, Sydney’s Georgia Hill and Melbourne’s Dvate.

If you made the trek down to Wolly’ for the live transformation of Wonderwalls, hopefully you were lucky enough to catch the free artists talks held over the weekend, including conversations with Brisbane babe and film front runner, Selina Miles, (Featured in No Cure Issue 07, Girl Power).

Incase you missed it, here’s a few shots captured by major sponsor, Ironlak.