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Artist: RONE

Artist: RONE

Inspired by his recent trips to war torn Syria, to make art with children in Aleppo, international artist ELK (Luke Cornish) created the not for profit ‘For Syria’s Children’ (FSC) an Australian fundraising project aiming to provide financial assistance to young Syrians that have been tragically affected by the relentless Syrian civil war.

Below artist: 23rd Key

FSC’s sole objective is to raise vital financial aid that will be directly provided to a number of local (on the ground) Syrian organisations that are in desperate need of supplies for basic amenities in orphanages, medical facilities and schools.

FSC believes in providing absolute transparency as to how donations will be used. There will be minimal fees involved for the fundraising event and financial provisions for the nominated FSC representatives to travel to and from Syria to deliver the financial aid. There will be no other major administrative costs, allowing for a large percentage of all donations to be delivered directly to Syria’s most vulnerable.

Below left to right artists: Vans the Omega / Alex Lehours

All of the artists have generously donated a signature piece of their work for the exhibition, with all artworks available for purchase prior to the exhibition through: 

The remaining pieces available through silent auction at the event’s official closing. The show features an extensive list of Australia’s most respected urban artists including Adnate, Anthony Lister, Rone, ELK, HA-HA plus more.

Below left to right artists: ELK / Steve Cross / Phoenix

When: Wednesday, 27 September, 11am - 6pm viewing and sale of artworks Thursday, 28 September, 11am - 6pm viewing and sale of artworks Thursday, 28 September, 6pm - 9pm Silent Auction and official party till 10pm.

Where: Besser Space Gallery, 15-25 Keele Street, Collingwood 3066