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The Culprit Club-Back To Square One
Below: WIP artworks by Kiss, Bafcat, John Kaye, Aeon, Maid, Buttons,Lusid Art, Lauren Webster, Arswandaru, Pat Rogash and Dean Nenadich.

Below: WIP artworks by Kiss, Bafcat, John Kaye, Aeon, Maid, Buttons,Lusid Art, Lauren Webster, Arswandaru, Pat Rogash and Dean Nenadich.

Next Friday, Brisbane’s cosiest, yet most innovatively occupied art gallery, ‘The Culprit Club’ turns one-year-old.

After an insanely successful 12 months, featuring almost 100 local, interstate and international artists though a series of solo/group exhibitions, hosting over 20 events and launching a local creatives residency program, it’s crazy to think how far the the humble beginnings of The Culprit Club have come.

To celebrate their ripe young age, The Culprit’s one year birthday show, 'Back To Square One' is really something special. Keeping true to their ‘art amity’ ideals, they’re launching an all collaborative group show featuring 40+ artists who've been the heart and soul of the space over the last year. 

'Back To Square One' may be one of the first exclusively collaborative artist exhibitions we've heard of. With each individual bringing the uniqueness of their personal styles to compliment, contrast and come together with the style of another, it really is all for one, and one for all!

Make sure you head out to Winn Lane, Fortitude Valley from 6pm, next Friday 14 July to peep the collaborative works of all the artists, and party with the culprit crew!

Exhibition line up includes:
Aeon, Aidan Ryan, Alex Lehours, Arswandaru, Bafcat, Blex, Buttons, Billie Schneider, Chris Doyle, Chehehe, Chrissie Abbott, Dean Nenadich, Diz, Drule, Emmanuel Moore, Funeral French, Graham Hare, Hanna, Inkboy, Irok, Ivo, James Nye, John Kaye, Kiss, Kiel Tillman, Lauren Webster, Lusid Art, Lucinda Wolber, Lucks, Luke Henery, Maid, Markus Ravik, Memos, Oh Noes, Pat Rogasch, Phibs, ProCreativ, Reuben Stocks, Sevens, Shaman, Soda Mouf and 1337.

Join the party and full details via the Culprit Club's FB event page.


No Cure Magazine Issue 09 – The New Zealand Issue is now officially unveiled!

Photography: Jasmin Henery

Cheers to everyone who celebrated with us last Friday for the biggest party/piss up we’ve held to date!

Big ups to Bench Espresso for hosting the drunken festivities and offering us their epic space for an intimate and intoxicating evening.   

Thanks to our sponsors Stolen Rum, Matsos, 4Pines and Karma Cola, everyone was downing delicious dranks and having a merry old time. A few of you left a little legless, so hopefully the merch’ made it home in one piece and your Saturday hangover was subtle and tender.

Our limited edition print exhibition featuring Gina Kiel, Greg Straight, Kelly Rule, Sam Mathers, Stuart Smythe and Ross Murray will be showing at Bench Espresso until October 29th.

There are a few prints (framed and unframed) currently still available for purchase. 

If you live outside of Brisbane and are frothing these fine artworks, you can enquire about purchasing online by contacting ( There's only five of each print available in existence, available exclusively through No Cure and Bench Espresso.

For all those who missed the madness, you can live vicariously through these drunken photos and order our fresh, phat ninth issue from our online store now!

Choice, bro!