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The Past is Present

As many sit still, relaxed in reality, watching and waiting for the future to arrive from an increasingly expensive and acutely governed theatre seat, we sneak away from bores of society to adventure through the neglected spaces long abandoned by the past. 


For us, it’s plain to see there’s much more sense and significance in the abandoned and ignored rooms of empty buildings than in the day-to-day falsifying facets of the cityscape.  

It’s true that some choose to overlook the existence of these places and let the confines of legality dictate ignorance, but we relish in the emptiness, the abandoned and the forgotten. We ignore the regulation against entry and accept the lessons and experiences of exploration. 

Let these images remind you of what is real, what is lost and what is left behind.

Once a coal-fuelled power station, this abandoned space is now a sanctuary for artists of all kinds. At five storeys high, it’s easy to lose yourself in admiration looking at the sheer volume of art that occupies every wall. Boasting a historical past and colourful present, this space features the works of many, both local and world-renowned, acting as a visual projection for the artistically inclined. 


This building was an aged care center. It is now unused and uninhabited on a busy main road. Previously occupied by nurses and elderly patients, it’s concerning to think what happened to everyone who lived here. This block of buildings now stands alone behind a barrier fence. Every door is open. It’s almost as if someone is calling out to invite the curious to come inside. This bathtub was found full of water. The roof was flooding in from above. The atmosphere here was so empty and alone. In its current abandoned form, mixed with the predicted thoughts of loss and helplessness for those who resided here, this place is a reminder of what nightmares are really made of. 


What was once an enormous nursery and gardening centre, is now an abandoned abyss. The place is so large, you can become lost in a matter of minutes. So many remnants and reminders have been left behind. There are plants and pottery at every corner! This place is truly a palace to behold. Taking in the sheer size of it is nothing short of breathtaking. Why anyone would choose to leave this place, we’ll likely never know. This abandoned business and deserted home is an extraordinary playground full of peculiar sights. 


This building was an educational institution for tertiary and further education. It once schooled many creatively talented individuals. It now serves as a canvas for illicitly inclined artists and acts as an overwhelming source of inspiration for explorers. It’s a task to find a blank wall seeing so many have visited before. It’s so interesting to see the names and tags people have left here. Some might say this space was destroyed by graffiti, but we wouldn’t. Here, vandals can show artistic expression at a site long abandoned by its inhabitants.