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JUSTKIDS curates Life Is Beautiful Festival 2016 in Downtown Las Vegas with artists Shepard Fairey, Felipe Pantone, Bezt Etam Cru, Dulk, Tristan Eaton, Crystal Wagner, Amanda Parer #intrude, Martin Whatson, Mark Drew, Felipe Pantone and Justin Favela.

Photography: Raymesh Cintron / Video: La Familia

JUSTKIDS recently went at it again transforming Downtown Las Vegas in an open air art gallery for Life Is Beautiful Festival 4th edition inviting artists from all genres and countries, carefully selected by curator Charlotte Dutoit. What started as an inspiration in 2013 to create a permanent display of urban art in DTLV is now a confirmation. With more than 40 street pieces, the town is now painted and palpitating. While the growing success of Life is Beautiful adds a significant cultural string to Las Vegas, it’s the art that ties the knot by staying in the streets when the music fades and the festival fences disappear. Old Downtown and modern art fit together now like a odd couple that is everything but average. In just four years JUSTKIDS converted Downtown Las Vegas in the most excentric art destination.

Founded in 2014 JUSTKIDS supports a diverse team of inspirational pros and upcoming talents to meet the demands of a constantly evolving audience, delivering public art, gallery shows,
residencies and art branding, offering new experiences with top tier visual artists. To find out more about JUSTKIDS hit their website.



Words: Sarah Hazlehurst / Photography: Luke Shirlaw

Back in Wollongong for the third time, Wonderwalls festival celebrated four consecutive years of bringing cities to life with colour and creativity. Out with the boring, blank brick canvases of the city scape, and in with embracing creative culture, the celebrated graffiti and street artists of Wonderwalls festival showcase an appreciated approach to public art and large scale muralism.

With local, national and international artists flocking to the tiny town from October 2-4, the city hosted a few expected favourites including local Wollongong favourite Bafcat, Straya’s graffiti superman Sofles, as well as international legends including Spain’s Felipe Pantone, Amsterdam’s Amok and New Zealand brother duo, BMD.

Other stand outs from the festival included Brisbane’s own Guido Van Helten, Sydney’s Georgia Hill and Melbourne’s Dvate.

If you made the trek down to Wolly’ for the live transformation of Wonderwalls, hopefully you were lucky enough to catch the free artists talks held over the weekend, including conversations with Brisbane babe and film front runner, Selina Miles, (Featured in No Cure Issue 07, Girl Power).

Incase you missed it, here’s a few shots captured by major sponsor, Ironlak.