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"Whether you’ve actually played the game or just drank a beer watching it, there’s something magical about baseball. For almost two centuries baseball has cemented itself as America’s pastime.

The idea behind the Heavy Hitters collection first began with a simple yet fun question. What would it look like if REBEL8 was an actual baseball team? We continued to ask ourselves, what would we be called? Eighters. What would be our team colors? Black, of course. What would our jerseys look like? Fucking awesome.

Although this concept is mere fiction, we still couldn’t seem to escape who we are in real life. We are the Eighters. We are social misfits, degenerates, and unapologetic in our distaste for authority. This collection showcases our trademark attitude through select clothing and collaborative pieces with Rawlings and Louisville Slugger.

Rawlings is a US sports equipment manufacturing company founded in 1887 and has been the official supplier of baseballs to the major leagues since 1977. Louisville Slugger baseball bats date back to 1884 with the major leagues and to this day are still made in the United States with American White Ash wood. Many of today’s baseball greats and those of the past, including Babe Ruth, continually choose to use Louisville Slugger. Both of these heritage brands are the epitome of longevity and quality. Their rich history is engrained in both the social fabric of America and America’s sport.

It is an absolute honor for us to collaborate with these staple brands and share our story through their products.”

The collection drops on Wednesday July 20th.