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Street & Style - Grand Scheme summer 2 release & photo series by Jess Cochrane.

Continuing their history of collaborations with independent creative’s, Australian label Grand Scheme will be releasing their 2nd Summer collection Monday 20thFebruary with contemporary Sydney artist Jess Cochrane.


Inspired by Jess’s distinctive hand painted photographs, Grand Scheme commissioned her to create mixed media campaign images in response to the Summer collection. 

A strictly limited edition of the Streets Are Hot tee in a light pink colour way along with the quick strike collection will be available online while stock lasts this Monday from 5pm (AEDT time) at / See more of Jess Cochrane’s work  HERE

Street & Style - Crumpler x T-world

Crumpler and T-world are excited to announce their latest collaboration, showcasing some of the brightest and most creative talent on Australian shores. Crumpler know bags, and T-world are obsessed with T-shirt graphics. It made sense for the Melbourne born and bred businesses to curate this ongoing exhibition of products.Crumpler and T-world will be celebrating Series One with a launch party on Thursday 16th February from 6-8pm at their Flagship store, 40-44 Degraves Street, Melbourne.

 “It’s a collaboration that was bound to happen. If you’ve ever run into me at an event, exhibition or simply in the street, chances are you will have seen me holding my trusty Crumpler bag. As a Melbourne advocate, I am proud for T-world to be partnering on this project and exposing some of the most innovative artists and designers from this city.”

- Eddie Zammit, T-world

Series One: Tin&Ed

Tin&Ed are a creative practise, dedicating their lives to blurring the lines between art, design, play and work. Crumpler are absolutely delighted to be working with them once again – having given them some of their first jobs straight out of university almost a decade ago.

This series is an intergalactic travel-inspired collection featuring three T-shirt graphics and one Squid backpack. Their T-shirt graphics feature flag designs for all beings throughout the universe. In their world, practice makes imperfect.

The range is available in all Crumpler stores and the Crumpler website, with T-shirts retailing at $59.99 and Squid backpacks $49.00. A limited edition Tin&Ed enamel badge has also been produced to celebrate the launch, complimentary with every purchase from the collection.


Street & Style - Fang Gang

Rooted in hip-hop, rock, surf and skate, Fang Gang is all about debauchery and crazy times. Hollering about always “doin’ cool shit”, the Gang has come a long way. We speak to designer Timmi about the hustle.


What’s Fang Gang all about?
Mumma always wanted me to join a gang so I did one better and went and started my own gang. Fang Gang is for the children. Fang Gang has soaked up every bit of realness this country has to offer from Fitzroy to Noosa, the city to the beach, surfwear, streetwear - whatever you want to call it, the gang’s doin’ it. The gang is homegrown dope produce, roots n’ all baby! This country’s doin’ its own thing nowadays and we got our own rad products and brands to offer the rest of the world now!

How did you guys start?
Unlike most gangs, Fang Gang wasn’t funded by laundered drug money.  After years workin’ as a grom in skate, surf and streetwear stores, we grew into designing for other labels on the market, and then the time came to start the Gang. In 2012 after leaving Fitzroy back up the East Coast to Byron Bay, the first Gang tees were designed in the garage. 3 prints, all the gang detailing that exists today and a website was built.


"Streetwear, fashion, it’s a tough hustle full stop.  You gotta have the love and passion, if you got that, you’ll be fine."

-Timmi Fresh


Biggest challenges starting off:
Streetwear, fashion, it’s a tough hustle full stop.  You gotta have the love and passion, if you got that, you’ll be fine. It’s a long haul kids but just like Jay-Z said, “The genius thing we did was, we never gave up’, so stay true to you and you only. Then get yo ass out there and hustle! Hustle hard.

Biggest challenges today:
Like a rapper waitin’ for his record contract, the gang ain’t gonna stop producing dope shit. Shout out to anyone running a legit agency that wants to represent the gang, we always open to new distribution deals yo!


"Whether you’ve actually played the game or just drank a beer watching it, there’s something magical about baseball. For almost two centuries baseball has cemented itself as America’s pastime.

The idea behind the Heavy Hitters collection first began with a simple yet fun question. What would it look like if REBEL8 was an actual baseball team? We continued to ask ourselves, what would we be called? Eighters. What would be our team colors? Black, of course. What would our jerseys look like? Fucking awesome.

Although this concept is mere fiction, we still couldn’t seem to escape who we are in real life. We are the Eighters. We are social misfits, degenerates, and unapologetic in our distaste for authority. This collection showcases our trademark attitude through select clothing and collaborative pieces with Rawlings and Louisville Slugger.

Rawlings is a US sports equipment manufacturing company founded in 1887 and has been the official supplier of baseballs to the major leagues since 1977. Louisville Slugger baseball bats date back to 1884 with the major leagues and to this day are still made in the United States with American White Ash wood. Many of today’s baseball greats and those of the past, including Babe Ruth, continually choose to use Louisville Slugger. Both of these heritage brands are the epitome of longevity and quality. Their rich history is engrained in both the social fabric of America and America’s sport.

It is an absolute honor for us to collaborate with these staple brands and share our story through their products.”

The collection drops on Wednesday July 20th.