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Native Brand

If your music taste skew to heavier side of spectrum then the name Joel Birch should be familiar if you have been exposed to local success story turned international juggernaut, The Amity Affliction. It is projects outside of music though which give Joel the opportunity to flex his creativity without the bounds of a microphone and stadium lights.


Native Brand is one of those projects. The name may ring a bell from our feature on Milan Chagoury in Issue 8, who was a partner in the business at that point in time. Since that article Milan has moved on to other projects while Joel stayed aboard and now steers the ship under a new vision and renewed vigour the make it work.

Under the slogan, “Dream Forever”, Native Brand’s new direction is single minded in tangibly articulating Joel’s view that there is beauty to be found everywhere, everyday. And if you think about it, operating under that guiding principle implies that, really, anything is possible. All you need is a dash of everyone’s favourite secret sauce, imagination, to uncover it. The label’s latest range is the most literal distilment of this to date.


Under the slogan, “Dream Forever”, Native Brand’s new direction is single minded in tangibly articulating Joel’s view that there is beauty to be found everywhere, everyday.

This fondness for the little things seems to stems from Joel’s innate affinity with nature and, aesthetically, this is where the label leans heavily on as a source of inspiration. Yet while nature is part of the label’s DNA, the designs themselves are actually intended as visual nods to the romanticism of travel and surf photography and the feverish excitement that comes with discovering new places.

Native’s newfound sense of purpose and self-confidence has come off the back of a number of significant learnings though. Notably, the need for simplification and localisation of the supply chain (Grand Scheme are close collaborators) and also unsatisfactory results from experimentation with street culture influences two collections ago. The latter was a particularly important reality check for Joel to reset and bring things more in-line with his feelings about nature and living near the ocean.


Perhaps most interesting though is the opportunity Native Brand has to further enrich its proposition by start leveraging Joel’s global perspectives from touring into future iterations. And from his point of view, the sky really is the limit when you’re dreaming forever so what that looks like is really anybody’s guess.



A humble ten years ago, Sydney’s Inner West was blessed with the birth of Aisle6ix. The bespoke screen printing studio is a thriving, homegrown business with a talented crew of 6 who can print... well… just about anything! With a diverse client base under their belt and a passion for the traditional printing process, Aisle6ix has, and deservedly so, become a force to be reckoned with. We caught up with Shannon, the brains behind Aisle6ix, to dig a little deeper into what it means to be a part of such a homegrown landmark. 



NC: Tell us your love story with screen printing! How did you discover the process?
Shannon: It all started when I moved to Sydney from Canberra when I was 26. Aisle6ix started as a T-shirt label as I’m a huge fan of the clothing label Mambo and I loved that they were constantly coming up with new ideas and designs. I loved buying the T-shirts on the racks that I thought were one offs so my plan was to make limited runs of T-shirts under Aisle6ix and the first ones that I printed has slogans on them such as ‘sarcasm = honesty’. In the early days when I was doing screen printing classes at Tafe everyone started to become graphic designers but no one was printing, so I started doing super short print runs. Then in 2005 I went to London and worked at Photofit, which is a print shop near Old Street Tube, and that’s where I learnt most of my printing skills. Returning to Australia I set up my studio in Redfern while doing NEIS and being supported by my wife, Shakira. Fast forward to 2017 and the studio is now in St Peters, Sydney, and we’ve been here for five years. I have an amazing crew working with me. 


NC: What does a typical day look like in the Aisle6ix studio?
Shannon: We start early, which means coffee, ovens are turned on and jobs are set up by Matty V and Benny C. If Orbski isn’t printing posters he’s setting up screens, mixing ink or packing finished work. JC, our art guy, is in the artwork preparation zone working his skills and all of this is going on while I’m taking calls, answering emails and running the studio. 

"We’re a bespoke printing studio, handmade with passion and skill. We’re interested in delivering products that are well made, durable and unique so they won’t be thrown away in four weeks time."

NC: In a world full of mass production and outlandish consumer demand, it has become increasingly difficult to find businesses with the same level of passion and craftsmanship that exists at Aisle6ix! What is so special about owning a local business?
Shannon: We feel that having control over all aspects of production means that we produce a superior finished product. We are a small team but we all work really well together to ensure attention to detail is maintained throughout every step and we all love what we do. Being based in St Peters which means that clients have easy access to us to discuss their projects. 


NC: How do you feel about the nature of mass production in the consumer market right now?
Shannon: I understand that it has a place but it’s at the other end of what we do. We’re a bespoke printing studio, handmade with passion and skill. We’re interested in delivering products that are well made, durable and unique so they won’t be thrown away in four weeks time. 

NC: A key part of what you do at Aisle6ix is collaboration! Tell us about that!
Shannon: We love doing collaborations and some of our past clients have included, Kindred Studio, Headset Apparel, Garbett and Formist Studio. Collaborations also push us out of our comfort zones so we’re continually expanding our skill set. We worked with the amazing Jess Scully to put together a fundraising exhibition for Clover Moore, the Lord Mayor of Sydney. The exhibition included some of Australia’s best artists and graphic designers including Luca Ionescu, Vince Frost, Jumbo, Collider, WBYK, Numbskull, Toby and Pete and Nadia Hernandez. We printed 26 different A2 poster editions of 10. 


NC: What is the most memorable job you have received so far?
Shannon: We were contacted by a production company to do some filming for the Mambo: Art Irritates Life documentary that was broadcast on ABC. Mambo is one of the key reasons I got into screen printing so I didn’t hesitate to say yes. At the end of filming, Scott Dettrick, the creative director, said that the studio was the closest to what Mambo was back in their prime. That is easily the best thing that any one has said about the studio. The icing on the cake was printing some original Mambo T-shirts that were used in the tv production. 


NC: What’s the grand plan for Aisle6ix? What can we expect to see in the future?
Shannon: We’ve just launched a new website with a bunch of collaboration T-shirts that we’ve been working on and we have our 5th birthday in early 2018 which means it’s going to be a busy and exciting couple of months. We’re always looking to work with different collaborators on projects and our collaborations keep getting bigger and better. One arm of the studio is live printing at events and we’ll be expanding this in 2018 which is really exciting.


Recently we caught up with the guys at Red Octopus screen printing in Brissie to see how the 'Such is Vice' Travis Price X N/C tees were looking and we have to say, they TURNED OUT fucking epic! SCROLL below and see how THE TEES came together.

The tees are now available in our online shop for only $30. So snap one up before they are gone.  
A huge thanks to Travis Price for the design and screen printer Tim from Red Octopus.

The two colour 'Such is Vice' tee is screen printed locally in Brisbane by the legends at Red Octopus onto black AS Colour tees. Available in S / M / L / XL only.