Wacom's 'The Next Level' Exhibition


This Friday evening is the launch of Wacom’s annual ‘The Next Level’ exhibition and publication! The exhibition will showcase winners of ‘The Next Level' competition alongside six elite feature artists, whose designs are created using various Wacom tools. This year’s amazing feature artists are kelogsloops, Mark Conlan, Loretta Lizzio, NOSÉGO, Paul Braddock, Mateusz Witczak

Head to the Besser Space this Friday August 31st from 6pm – 9pm to join in the celebration of incredible artwork, drinks and tunes from DJ Jade Zoe.

Artists above left to right: Loretta Lizzio, Mark Conlan, Kelogsloops, Mateusz Witczak

Artist:  Paul Braddock

Artist: Paul Braddock

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