Want to submit your work or ideas to No Cure?
So, you want to send us an example of your creative genius. No sweat. We here at No Cure happily accept submissions of art, design, illustration,photography, creative spaces and studios, products and editorial. But please, folks, before you hit the send button, take the time to read No Cure and understand our style and content. Owls and sad-looking, whimsical girls? Maybe try Frankie instead. And help a brother out by including a few short details about yourself – who you are, where you’re from, your design background, etc. Oh, and FYI: No Cure is an independently produced publication, and thus, runs on a skinny-ass budget. Yep, tuna and crackers is what’s for dinner (and breakfast, and lunch). 

Most of No Cure's written work is fulfilled by its passionate team of contributors (in other words, they mostly work for cat biscuits and experience). However, you are more than welcome to submit your editorial ideas/pieces. If you’ve got something shit-hot up your sleeve, drop us an email as per the ‘Submissions’ instructions below. Please, no novels – a brief email with simple attachments in .doc or .pdf format will do fine. 

Much of No Cure’s photo shoots are commissioned, however, if you’re keen as a bean to contribute, please email us with ideas and/or samples of your work.

We also accept a limited number of submissions, so if you have done a shoot that you think will suit No Cure, then by all means feel free to hit us up with sample shots and details of the shoot (including the artist/designer/ brands/clothing/location used). And, for the love of god, please only send low-res images (preferably in .jpeg format) as a preliminary introduction so our email doesn’t crap out. We’ll contact you if we require high-res stuff or more info, you feel me?

Creatives: Before you submit your work, please consider if your work fits the No Cure ethos. A square peg isn’t gonna fit in a round hole, know what I’m saying? All work must be original with professional photography, unless you are submitting vector art. A basic email with some examples of your work and/or a link to your website or blog would be sweet as. 

Please understand that we receive a shitload of emails on a daily basis. We once saw this YouTube video of a super-intelligent chimp that was trained to use a computer, but until we are able to obtain one to process our emails, it just isn’t possible for us to reply to or provide feedback for all submissions we receive.